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When you be present at a wedding that runs smoothly, things manage to move from a single activity to another without much believed (barring the rare hour-long outdoor ceremony in sunlight that no person forgets). There is no benefits really going on is that an individual behind the scenes (a planner, perhaps an extremely organized good friend, or maybe the bride and groom themselves) put in lots of period laying out what would happen when ever, who needed to be where where times. That document is called a wedding day schedule and it may be arguably the most critical piece of preparing that goes into any wedding ceremony.

The critical first step to creating the wedding day timeline should be deciding what their start period will probably be for the ceremony and working back following that. If you’re marriage at a dual-use venue, you must also add in travel around times between location in which you are staying as well as your ceremony and reception places.

When guess what happens your begin time will probably be, then note how long you think the wedding service should previous. Make sure to incorporate a few extra mins towards the end of the ceremony pertaining to guests which may be late to arrive. Also, remember if you plan on doing a send off after the ceremony which will add 15-30 minutes onto your overall ceremony timing.

To assist you navigate the process of putting together your own big day timeline, We reached out to Latin-American wedding planner Esme from Bodamaestra to understand her leading five tips on staying organized and avoiding a stress-inducing big day meltdown. Read more to find out her top tips for creating a commemoration schedule that’s easy to follow, which includes the real key questions you should ask the vendors.