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John on Amy

Just what were you hoping for?

A great night in good organization.

1st thoughts?

Amy’s level – using pumps, this woman is taller than myself.

What did you mention?

We didn’t end speaking: art, global politics, London, cooking, cocktails, charity…

Any uncomfortable times?

We continued to a pub. Drunk people held dropping up a step next to our table.

Great table ways?

Impeccable. We almost place a snail up her nostrils, so mine just weren’t too-good.

Ideal thing about their?

The woman individuality – she is amusing and might chat the hind legs off a donkey.

Are you willing to present the woman your friends?


Could she meet up with the moms and dads?

I’m not sure the Yorkshire Dales is prepared for Amy.

Do you embark on someplace?

Yes, to a club opposite the cafe for cocktails.

And… do you hug?

a guy never informs… certainly.

Should you decide could alter something concerning the night, what can it is?

The tube trip there.

Markings off 10?


Could you meet again?


Amy on John

What happened to be you dreaming about?

To satisfy some one i would if not never experience.

Very first thoughts?

Really friendly; the guy set me relaxed.

Just what do you talk about?

Taxidermy, best vodka martinis, the common lack of ability with dialects, marathon training…

Any awkward minutes?

Nope – the complete night thought interestingly normal.

Great table manners?

Exemplary. The man is able to wield a fork.

Ideal thing about him?

His high tolerance amount for my personal chattiness.

Could you present him to your pals?

Positive – he appears like a man who’d do well in any social setting.

Could he meet with the parents?

The flight to the US may be a bit steep, but sure.

Did you go on somewhere?

We took a fast hiking trip from the neighbourhood before deciding in at a pub.


And… did you kiss?

Can we plead the Fifth?

If you could alter one thing concerning the evening, what can it be?

The bistro has been certain degrees cooler.

Markings from 10?

A great 9. no one’s perfect.

Would you meet again?

Completely. In the end, a great listener is hard to get.

John and Amy ate at
, London NW1.

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